Thursday, October 23, 2014

Cable Knit Sweater Mason Jars

It's starting to get cool here and the rain has returned. 

In fact, just yesterday, a rainfall record was set. 
Keep in mind we live in the Seattle area… and we set a record for rainfall. 

Today after school, two of our boys were playing "survivor" with our dog, out in the rain. I was in the kitchen when I noticed a flash of lightning and then one of the loudest thunder sounds I've ever heard! I raced out and called my heroic boys in. 

As the thunder rolled and the lightning struck (ode to Garth Brooks), 
we decided it was the truest game of survivor the boys had ever played!

Needless to say, we could use some "cozy" inside

I whipped these sweater-covered mason jars out in no time. 

You can too! All you need is: mason jars (different sizes are nice), 
a cable knit sweater (think thrift store), scissors, and a hot glue gun.

I purchased an off-white sweater (though I'm also keeping my eye open for a light gray one).

The sleeves and the collar are the easiest parts of the sweater to use, since they have finished edges. (Once you use those pieces, you can create a finished-looking edge by tucking the cut edge under and gluing in place, like a hem.

Simply wrap the sweater piece around your mason jar and glue closed (glue sweater to sweater, instead of gluing on jar since this is sometimes visible, especially towards the top of the jar). Or, slip the mason jar through the sleeve and cut off excess material. Stretch tight and glue to the under side of the mason jar. 

For a more finished look, you can overlap the sweater material on the underside of the jar and glue connecting pieces of sweater so that the whole underside is covered.

For now, I filled mine with a candle and dried hydrangeas. 

They'd also look beautiful filled with winter greenery for the holidays!


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  1. What a great project! I have been thinking to make some up cycled sweater pillow covers, now I know what to use the sleeves for. :) I linked over from your comment on Sweet Savannah. I'm adding your blog to my reading list, love to find other bloggers from the Seattle area!

  2. I just adore this project! I am going to try this myself. You have inspired me. Now, I need to go find an old white or cream cable knit sweater at a thrift store to cut up. So cute!!

  3. That is so cute. I have been seeing many sweater ideas. Going to the thrift store tomorrow to look for some sweaters. Thank you for the inspiration. Your blog is great.

  4. Wonderful idea. They look lovely. Any project like this that require no sewing is a win in my book!

  5. This is such a great idea! Love it! Found you on Pieced Pastimes =)


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