Tuesday, October 28, 2014

{White} Barnyard Animal Candleholders

You know when you see something in a magazine and think,
 "I love that! I'm SO going to make it!" 

And then, well... life happens and you forget. 
After all, not everything that's cute can be a priority (unless we're talking cute kids!).

Months (or years!) later, you come across that same magazine you've saved. 

You see the dog-eared page and determine that you really will make it. 

But, life comes at you hard and fast, and even with the best 
of intentions, you just can't seem to get your little project done. 

Then, at a random yard sale, you find 

one of the key components to your inspiration project. 
(In my case, it was a bag of candle cups for 50 cents.)

Happenstance or Divine intervention?

I originally saw this idea in an issue of Country Living magazine awhile back. 
You can find the DIY instructions here.

I didn't have any spray paint. 
So, I just used my go-to gallon of white paint and brushed it on.

Hooray for finished projects...however small they might be!

(For those of you who are in the process of painting rooms or kitchen cabinets, forgive me for 
celebrating my painting of these toy-sized animals. Consider it my way of cheering you on! :)



  1. I enjoy reading about your yard sale adventures....I too like finding treasures at yard sales. Nice blog! Lori from LLfarmblog.blogspot.com

  2. Those are SO cute! I am going to go check out the tutorial now. I know all about putting things off too. Sometimes, I'll think I want to (or need) to buy something, and if I put it off long enough, I end up not wanting it anymore. Hmmmm..........I should try that more often. I would save myself a lot of money.


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