Thursday, March 5, 2015

'Farm Shop' Sign...

I think we all have those stories about that great find that got away.

My sister and I both loved an old blue 'Farm Shop' sign we saw when antiquing years ago. It was out of our price range. But every time we'd shop at that store, we'd comment on how cute it was, glad that it was still there. Then, one day it was gone.

So, I've had this idea for a 'farm shop' sign for awhile. It looks nothing like the sign we saw. I added items that might be sold at a farm shop - like herbs, eggs and antiques. I had looked online for samples of old farm shop signs, which helped provide ideas.

I used the same process I did here, except that I 
didn't use a  paint pen this time - just a brush.

I'm giving the desk and work area below the sign and jar collection
a refresher and plan to share pictures soon (if all goes well!).

Thank you for stopping by today!


  1. LOVE it and one day I will take the time to make one.

  2. Great sign...The originals do tend to be quite pricey.
    Mary Alice

    1. For this stay-at-home mom they do! :) Thanks so much for stopping by...

  3. Fantastic! You did a terrific job. Jane

  4. Pretty sure that is my dream job description! Thanks for the inspiration:) -Meg #maeandjunevintagemarket

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