Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Grain Sack Curtain...

The spring rains have returned, leaving us with a half-planted vegetable garden for now. ;) So, I thought I'd share a little indoor project!

We recently added a grain sack curtain underneath the kitchen sink. I used to have one made out of drop cloth, but love the added character the grain sacks bring...

I found the AMES grain sack at the Farm Chicks show last year. The other, simple striped grain sack, I purchased at a local antique shop. Both were about $20 each. That seems to be the going rate for vintage American grain sacks. 

I once was very fortunate and found a few for $4 a piece... they were pretty dirty but washed up beautifully! I used them to cover these chairs.

European grain sacks can be much more expensive ($30 - $70 and higher), 
depending on the condition and the graphics.

My "not-so-secret-weapon" Mom, made the grain sacks into a curtain. Since we opened them up, using both sides, we only needed two grain sacks for this project.

A simple white tension rod (Lowe's) holds the curtain in place.

So glad you stopped by...
Hope your day is going well!


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  1. It's very pretty! Especially in your farmhouse kitchen. That extension rod looks really long. I didn't realize they made them that long, and if they'd sag. Yours looks perfect.

  2. That looks great! I have a drop cloth curtain under my sink too. At first I wasn't sure it would stay clean, but it has so it hasn't been a hardship.

  3. Loving your farmhouse style and your chocolate lab.
    Looks like our Max.

  4. Looks wonderful! Really ties the sink area together. ;-) Have a wonderful weekend!


  5. This is so pretty. I have thought about doing a skirt for my sink. Now I just might have to.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. It looks wonderful...great job.Have a great week.

  7. Love your grain sack curtain under the sink. It adds so much charm to your kitchen.
    Mary Alice


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