Thursday, July 30, 2015

How to Bring Farmhouse Style Outdoors {10 Ways}

Comfortable. Casual. Welcoming. Rustic. 

These are some feelings that come to mind when I think of farmhouse style outdoors... Where a hurried life seems to slow down and the quiet beauty of nature is all around.

A place for family and friends to gather.

Whether you have an actual farmhouse with acreage, a suburban home in a neighborhood, or an apartment with a small entryway and balcony, there are ways to incorporate farmhouse style right where you live.

1. {Wood crates} A vintage bulb crate next to our front door serves as a rustic shelf for a pitcher of flowers. Fresh cut flowers are a quick & easy way to freshen up a porch.

Wood crates are also good catch-alls for toys and balls.

2. {Ticking fabric, grain sack and burlap} for cushions and pillows add that classic farmhouse feel. 

3. {Old tin buckets} as planters for a simple "just grabbed these out of the barn" ambience. ;)

A repurposed chicken waterer is right at home on the front porch. I found this one at a yard sale for just a few dollars  (I loved the rust for decorating, though it wouldn't work well for chickens ;). You can also find them at antique stores. New, you can expect to pay $20 - $25 for this size (2 gallon). 

4. {Chippy, weathered furniture} brings a comfortable feel to a covered porch. Use an old dresser for a plant stand, gardening tool storage, or simply a focal point.

5. {Vines} I'm so grateful to our home's previous owners for planting beautiful vines around the property. Here they are, growing up the side of our laundry/mud room.

And along a fence, vines, grapes and hops add old fashioned texture and greenery.

6. {Gates} are functional, but can also add farmhouse appeal. 

For an easy way to incorporate a gate or two, prop them up on a porch or entryway. The picture below is from our fall porch last year. I used an old gate and section of fencing on the porch to add more of that "pumpkin patch" feel. ;) I found the gate and fence at a yard sale, but similar pieces can be purchased at Lowe's or Home Depot. 

7. {Arbors} add architectural interest year-round. They can support beautiful vines and wisteria during the growing months. In winter, string lights up on arbors for a "happy" dose of light, when darkness comes early. 

This arbor, set off of our gravel driveway, marks the entrance to our front yard.

8. {Outdoor seating} invites you to slow down and take in the scenery. I recently moved this bench out near the chicken yard so that we could sit and watch the chickens (may sound weird, but it's peaceful :). Is there a special place on your property - maybe in the garden - where a bench might encourage you to enjoy the view awhile longer?

9. {Outbuildings} like a chicken coop or garden shed open up lots of possibilities, as well as provide you with another charming backdrop. 

10. {Farm fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers} evoke simple country living perhaps more than anything. If you don't have space to plant fruit trees or build raised garden beds, consider a container garden where strawberries, tomatoes and herbs can be tended and enjoyed.

Find ideas on decorating with farmhouse style inside here!

And now I'm wondering, where is your favorite spot at home to enjoy some time outdoors? Or, is there a view you most love, looking out your window? I'd love to hear!

So glad you stopped by...


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  1. Since you actually live in a farmhouse, you have the knack for offering good suggestions on how to get that look. I think my favorite outdoor look you offered is............the chickens! They are so cute. My neighbor just got some chickens and I've been enjoying watching and listening to them. I never knew they could have so much personality either. Your porch is decorated so cute. I like the ticking material used on the bench.

    1. I think you should get a few chickens Kelly! They are really fun to watch, easy to keep and you'll never go back to store-bought eggs! :)

  2. Love all your pictures and your inspiration! I like using ticking fabric too!

    1. Thank you! The ticking on the front bench is actually a duvet cover I found at an antique mall. I liked it so much it was hard to decide on just one spot to put it. ;) There's something so simple and classic about ticking, isn't there?!

  3. Hi Julie! Love the tour! We sit in our courtyard and watch and talk to our chickens a lot! They love the attention! Our rooster will crow and talk to us when we call his name! He is a sweet one! We got lucky! Your place looks adorable! Take care! Cindy

  4. I laugh everytime I see a trumpet vine. I remember telling my grandma about this wonderful flower growing on our new (old)property, only to discover she had a huge one. She shook her head in disgust and said 'that old weed".I have since come to realize it is indeed both a treasure and a invasive weed. Your farm is a lovely place however.

  5. I love your cozy, comfortable, rustic farmhouse style, Julie! The arbor and pathway and friendly porch send a very warm welcome to anyone who stops by!
    Mary Alice

  6. Hi Julie! :)
    I found you through Art & Sand.
    I loved this little tour and loved your grain sack pillow. Everything is so cozy and beautiful!
    I love the bulb crate hung up too!
    Have a wonderful week!! :)


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