Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Little Luxury in the Bathroom...

Years before I even knew what blogging was, I remember reading about how Martha Stewart folded her washcloths. 

For some reason, it intrigued me. Maybe it was because I would have never thought to fold this every day item into a triangle. It made an ordinary washcloth seem a little more luxurious, presented in this unexpected way. 

And hey, if it's good enough for Martha... 

For years, I've been folding our washcloths in triangles 
and keeping them in a little basket by our sink. 

Simply fold a washcloth in half twice, making a small square...

Then fold in half diagonally to make a triangle...

Place them in a square or rectangular basket and voila! 

I like using basic white washcloths from Target or Walmart 
for removing makeup at night. (They're about 50 cents a piece.)

Hope your day is going well!


  1. Looks pretty special in the basket. I like this idea. :)

  2. i love linens filled in baskets, and those Walmart is great for those cheap Terri rags and towels. You really can't beat the price, and they really last long enough to get your monies worth :))
    I don't mind at all them being abused at this price, and it takes the stress off the pure linen towels I have for special.

    It's so spa like going into your room of pampering beauty to see all the white wash cloths at hand.

    Love your tip. See you soon dear.


  3. I always buy a stack of white washcloths whenever I go to Target or Walmart too! Love the basket.. Have a great day!

  4. I love baskets in iron, nice way to organize the wash cloths. http://frugaliciouschick.blogspot.com

  5. I love baskets in iron, nice way to organize the wash cloths. http://frugaliciouschick.blogspot.com

  6. I use white washcloths here too! I got rid of my colored towels a long time ago and love how they can be used in all of the bathrooms now. Even my kitchen has white towels.

  7. Such a simple little thing, but I love it. Pinning for guest room ideas. Thanks!

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