Thursday, November 5, 2015

Vintage Mattress Spring Christmas Card Display

Have I told you the story about my vintage mattress spring? 

I had stopped by one of my favorite antiques malls, determined to find a vintage mattress spring. When there wasn't one there, the store owner Sam, whom I've gotten to know over the years, volunteered to get me one from her friend's shop just across the way. The only problem was that her friend's shop was closed. But, we could see some mattress springs in the fenced in outdoor patio space of her shop. Sam told me she was sure she could get one for me and proceeded to climb up a ladder and over the fence. I was so impressed. Now that is what I call going "above and beyond" in customer service! (And yes, of course she delivered my payment to her friend. :)

Vintage mattress springs can make great Christmas card holders while 
providing a little architectural interest to any space.

Right now at Target, they have twine and mini clothespin spools for just $3 each. They are perfect for hanging cards from a mattress spring (or just about anywhere!). If you can't find them at your local Target, craft stores also sell the mini clothespins and twine (though usually separately).

I also found these chalkboard wood slices at Target - six for a dollar! I tied a couple onto the mattress spring and may use the rest for ornaments or gift tags.

Though it can easily be hung, I propped the mattress spring up on this thrifted green trunk, and softened it up with an IKEA faux sheepskin.

I'm so glad you stopped by... I hope you have a wonderful day.

Let the Christmas planning begin! :)


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  1. I love what you did with your spring's !!! So easy to switch out . Not too long ago I encountered a truck filled with scrap metal at Wendy's and after going thru the drive thru , drove back around and parked beside the truck and stalked, I mean waited for the owner to come out. An elderly gentleman came out and I inquired about ..... the rust bed springs on top of his heap. He said , you want to buy that ????? He said , you can have it honey. We finagled it in my SUV and I slipped him a $10 bill for his next lunch . Mine is rustier than yours so I've made wreath's and other crafts. Never hurt's to ask !?! TT

    1. I love that story! :) And, oh, I can relate. Thanks for the smile...

  2. Btw, the chalk wood round's are soooo cute !! Sometimes you can find nicer AND cheaper crafting item's than at a real craft store !!!

  3. What a great idea! It looks so good in your foyer too.

  4. Julie - what a cute idea. I just dropped an old crib off at the thrift store. I should have seen this first! Hope you have a great night- xo Diana

  5. Genius idea Julie, and I love the garland! I think the spring looks much nicer in your home than in a landfill! Recycling at its finest :).


  6. OH yes Julie, you are speaking my language here :)
    I had a vintage break rack that worked for this similar effect, yet the rusted spring set is so much more larger and cooler. You will fill this up in no time. Will. Be looking forward to its appearance it makes filled with Holiday cheer.

    See you soon and all you inspire ...


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