Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Mini Escape to France (Part One)

On our recent trip to Spain, we were able to take a couple of day trips into France. 


I have had a mild major obsession with France since I first visited Paris when I was twenty-one. I have been back to Paris a couple of times, but have always wanted to see the French countryside and smaller villages. 

So, we rented a car (for about a third of the price it would have cost for our family of five to take the train) in Barcelona and headed north to Carcassonne...

 We had just gotten across the French border when our youngest needed a potty break. And we're so glad he did! We parked at the rest stop, got out of the car and saw a fairytale-style fortress just down a dusty path.

We passed by olive trees and excitedly made our way 
across this little piece of French country terrain...

We felt like such adventurers!

This place was every boy's dream. We crossed bridges over the moat, explored the fortress, came across cannon balls and imagined those who had come before us...

Since it was the off-season, we basically had the place to ourselves! 
It was such a fun, unexpected detour.

We got back in the car and drove on to our final destination, Carcassonne... 

This medieval fortress is breathtaking (and just a 3-hour drive from Barcelona)!

Inside the walls, are many shops, restaurants, a church and castle.
And homes... people still live within this walled city, if you can believe it!

The views from the castle were amazing!

We wandered through the town below, with its quintessential 
French architecture and old buildings with shutters. 

Stopping for a little break, our boys examined the weapons they had purchased in the fortified city. Best souvenirs ever! ;)

It was a dream-come-true kind of day together that we'll always remember.

Thank you for joining me on this mini escape to France.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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  1. What a neat place! I think it's nice that your boys were excited to sight see there. I've never been to France. Your boys are lucky to get the chance to visit it at such a young age.

    1. Thank you Kelly. Yes, it was a huge blessing and one that was made possible, in part, by my husband's frequent flyer miles. ;) It was neat to be able to show our boys more of the world... You would LOVE France!

  2. What a cool castle! Your pictures are wonderful! I feel like every picture I see of France is so pretty! Glad you had a nice trip!

  3. What beautiful pictures of such spectacular sites!!! In my experience detours always lead to the best destinations. So happy for you and your family for getting to experience such a wonderful place!!!


  4. What find finding a place that was unexpected. Great shots!

  5. What a great spot you found to explore! I would have enjoyed it as much as your boys did. I'm so thankful for the things I do with them because I'm as excited as they are. Your pictures are great.

  6. What a life experiance you are giving your boys, and such a beautiful clean travel ou were able to aspire by. How I see our home gown fleeing much li,e the more rural romote area of the countryside of France, it pictured here is what I see out my front door.

    Would you just scream to have sets of shutters off any of these landmark buildings ? I know I sure would?
    Thank you dear for sharing all things that truly
    inspire the heart.

  7. Beautiful


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