Thursday, November 2, 2017

Grain Sack Christmas Tree Pillows {Farmhouse Christmas Decor}

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When I first saw these Christmas tree pillows made from vintage European grain sacks, I thought they were so clever and beautiful. And then when they arrived in the mail, they were even better than I had hoped, full of character and charm!

You can see the beautiful craftsmanship, and I love how the two pillows compliment each other but are not the same. One has a slightly darker background, and the stripes are closer together. The other is lighter, with wider-spaced stripes. 

The uniqueness of grain sacks dates back about 100 years ago, to when farmers would use hand-woven stripes to help identify which farm the sacks belonged to. The grain sacks were used to carry grain, sugar and flour.

These Christmas tree grain sack pillows are just the right dose of texture and Christmas cheer for our family room sectional. I can't think of a more perfect farmhouse-style Christmas pillow! 

A big thank you to Susan of Dunn By Designs for these charming grain sack pillows!

You can find her shop here. Have fun browsing through her lovely offerings of grain sack, linen and ticking hand-made pillows, runners, stockings and more!

So nice of you to stop by today. Happy holiday planning!



  1. I love the pretty grain sack Christmas trees! So pretty!!! Your room is gorgeous.

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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