Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Our Farmhouse Christmas Entryway {2017}

I hope you are enjoying this early Christmas season. There's nothing quite like the anticipation, hope and wonder of Christmas! You see it in children's eyes and twinkling lights, you feel it in the hustle and bustle of shoppers, parties and performances, while happy Christmas music plays. (I prefer Frank and Ella, and anything from that era. How about you?)

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The other day, while the song Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas played, I really heard the words "...let your heart be light" maybe for the first time. And I think we all crave that this time of year. Because life (and its pressures) doesn't stop at Christmastime. But as the song reminded - no, invited - me, we can choose to let our hearts be light. To breathe in and out the joy and hope of Christmas while we deck our halls and snuggle up with the ones we love. 

Our entryway includes the Holy Night scroll from Cottonwood Shanty, antique European wood sled and ice skates, and a living Christmas tree in a basket. And could we really call it a Christmas entryway without a plaid scarf and knit pillow? Technically we could. But it wouldn't be the same. ;)

As I was just finishing up taking pictures, the most amazing sunlight filled the room. 
In late November. In Seattle. A little Christmas miracle! 

Thank you for stopping by today. May all your troubles be out of sight...



  1. This is a truly lovely rustic Christmas entry, Julie, and a welcoming sight for visitors and family alike. Happy Holidays, Ardith

    1. Thank you Ardith! You are always so kind and encouraging. Hope you are enjoying the season!

  2. Love all the rustic goodness in your entry.

    1. Thank you! Now we just need some snow! :) Hope your week is going well!

  3. I love your entry way. Such warmth.

  4. Did you order the scroll sign from somewhere, or do you somehow do the lettering yourself? I love it! And I love that font! Do you know the name of it?


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