Friday, April 11, 2014

Jane Austen Party!

We recently celebrated my Mom's birthday with a Jane Austen-themed party. Why a Jane Austen party? Mom is an AMAZING teacher, loves reading… AND... what girl doesn't like to picture herself smack in the middle of Pride and Prejudice or Emma?

I loved the "Reading Girl" pillow and embroidery hoop with Jane Austen's silhouette, both from Dear Lillie. They were gifts for the birthday girl (and a little hard to part with).

It was a great time decorating and trying to transform the dining room into another place and time. Our 8-year-old helped make the book page runner.

The faux cake was fun to make and a lot more dramatic than the ice cream cake we ate (Mom has got a thing for frozen desserts).

We did this little family party so that our Mom (the kids' "Mimi") would see just an inkling of how much we love and appreciate her (and all she does for our family)! 

Can you hear the theme song from "Pride and Prejudice" playing? 

Thank you for sharing in this memory with us!

"You have delighted us long enough." ~Jane Austen



  1. Stunning. I wanted a closer look at the tablecloth. Did you buy it like that or make it with the lace on the corners? Very Beautiful. The faux cake is gorgeous too.I love anything Jane Austen inspired.

  2. Thank you Vanessa. My Mom made the tablecloth - she sewed on a long lace (purchased from a thrift store!), ruffled border… and I had fun making the faux cake.

  3. Very Charming! Your mom must have Loved it!


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