Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Countdown To The FARM CHICKS 2014!!

Calling all Country Girls (or Country Girls at heart!)!!

Farm Chicks is THIS weekend in Spokane, WA. If you can't make it to the show this year, plan for next year… it's always the first full weekend in June. 

Last year was my first time going and it was so darn fun and inspiring! : ) How much goodness can these people fit under one roof - that is the name of the game!

Some of my favorite things that I spotted last year were grain sack pillows and runners, old chippy farm benches, vintage bulb crates and of course, The Farm Chicks books, mugs and mementos that can only be purchased at the shows.

This year, I'm hoping to find a vintage farm sign… wish me luck!

Here are a few pics from last year...

(love the vintage mattress spring and ribbon room dividers)

Last year, I met Serena Thompson, co-founder of The Farm Chicks for the first time. Oh you guys, I'm turning red just thinking about it. 

You have to understand, she is my Martha. For years, I have been inspired by this lady, her creativity and genuine love for family, friends and all-things farm. 

She repurposed before it was trendy. 

I love how she writes about loading up her sons and "foraging" for treasures in barns, yard sales and places off the beaten path (me too, me too!).

So, when I met her, I was anything but cool, calm and collected. She was so sweet and gracious. The real deal. I was a little, well... overwhelming. 

I think I shouted after her, smiling from ear to ear, "If you only knew how many Christmas parties you've inspired!" It was meant as a compliment. But you know that feeling when you realize you may have taken it a little too far… uh ya, that was me...

Meanwhile, our boys were having a blast, fishing in the country with their Grandpa and Dad (my husband's parents live in the Spokane area)…

We enjoy walks down their country road...

Are you going? WIll I see you there? If I do, please say hi. I promise to tone it down this year… (though I will be doing cartwheels on the inside!).


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