Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Change In Scenery...

We just got back from a 4-day getaway that took us (and our faithful Chevy) through our home state of Washington, Idaho and Montana. 

There is something about a change in scenery that both makes me nostalgic and awakens new dreams…
(One of those dreams, after traveling with 3 energetic, confined boys is to fly next time! Kidding. Sort of. ; )

Happy Trails!

The golden wheat fields of eastern Washington

Lake Coeur d'Alene

At 90+ degrees, it was the perfect day for a swim in the lake!

A vintage motel sign in the old mining town of Wallace, where we stopped for dinner.

When we reached Montana, it was hard to resist the urge to always say, "A River Runs Through It" when passing a river (Our boys don't even know who Brad Pitt is! : )

Aaron also enjoyed commenting, "Boys, that is some BIG SKY!" (They didn't get it or appreciate it - "Dad, it's the SAME sky we have at home!)

Big Sky Country is breathtaking!

This rustic sign pointing towards Interstate 90 made us smile… 
We were literally out in the forest, on a dirt road on top of a mountain! 
(The hair pin turns with no guard rails tested our marriage - why did my nervousness bring joy to my spouse? : )

One of the boys' favorite views - Splash Montana!

We hiked the "M" in Missoula…

Natural triathletes!

And their out-of-breath parents. 
(We liked to use the excuse that we were used to living at sea-level, while Missoula has a much higher elevation. I'm sure that was it…)

The BEST lemon sorbet. Ever. 

The bluffs surrounding the Columbia River as we headed home…

Home sweet home.

Another joy of a road trip - - coming home! 

There's no place like it.


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