Monday, December 8, 2014

~ A Farmhouse Christmas Party ~

Hi Friends! I hope you enjoyed the weekend…

On Friday evening, we hosted a sit-down dinner party for 22 people. It was our first time hosting that many for dinner since moving here to our little farmstead!

So, the big question was… where do we seat everyone?

At our last house, we had an open living/dining room area. This gave us flexibility when it came to entertaining, since we could fit more people in one large area.

When it comes to every day living, I prefer the coziness of individual spaces like we have here at our current house. Yet, it poses a bit of a challenge when trying to accommodate a larger group!

We decided to seat people in three different rooms.

First, in the family room, we moved out our coffee table and brought in a table, chairs and bench. The wingback at the end of the table is normally angled by the sectional, so it was an easy move.

The second room we used for dinner was our living room. We set a table for 10, right down the middle of the room, by our Christmas tree.

We brought the outdoor vintage nativity inside this year. 
It was just the right height to fit on top of the cabinets. 

I love using lots of candlelight this time of year! 

The wood rounds came from the farm where we cut down our Christmas tree. Tree farms are usually happy for you to take them - just ask!

The candles, wrapped in sheet music, by each place were the favors (I didn't light these). They are so easy to make and compliment a neutral, vintage tablescape.

Here are the DIY Candle Instructions from when I made book page candles for my mom's Jane Austen party.

We also used vintage sheet music for the place settings.

I brought in pinecones and greenery for a simple, rustic touch.

The dining room was the third area for seating. We decided to only seat six in this room since the counter area would serve as the main course buffet (salads and desserts were served at each table) and we didn't want it to feel too cramped.

It was a cozy and joyful time, sharing life 
that evening with people we love and respect very much. 

And now I'm wondering, will you be hosting company this season? 
Any entertaining tips to share? I think we'd all love to hear!

ps - A little "behind the scenes" picture, taken a few hours before guests showed up… I love seeing the world through our boys' eyes! Our littlest was completely lost in his imagination, without a care in the world! 
(That is a coon-skin hat he's wearing, minus the tail - thanks to our dog, Charlie. :)


  1. Looks like a fun party/dinner! your home looks cozy and inviting!

  2. How gorgeous! I loved your table settings with the sheet music, candles and greenery. The tree "slices" are a great rustic addition. I pinned several of your images too! I am not hosting a Christmas dinner this year but have in the past. I have to set up tables in different rooms as well since my home is not an open concept plan. It all works out fine though.

  3. That's my kind of party! Everything looks gorgeous! Christmas heaven. :) Julie

  4. Gorgeous!! I love your home and especially the last pic with the kids playing around on the floor! I love that! I would love to have you join my Christmas House tour link up party! Come join us an share your beautiful home with all of us.

    1. Thank you Karin! Yes, that last picture is most accurate of our house on any given day! :)

  5. Looks like a lovely evening!! I'm sure your guests loved every minute of their time in your beautiful home!
    Mary Alice

  6. Your home is decorated beautifully. I'm sure everyone enjoyed being there for dinner. Your centerpieces, Christmas decorations and candlelight are really lovely. It's amazing how you can find room for guests when you need to. We have hosted holiday meals, baptism dinners, birthday parties and Christmas parties. We know now that we are maxed out at 25 people.

  7. Just Glorious, Julie!! Love all of your decor - especially the music sheets as place mats! I think I'll borrow that idea since I am soon to host a music themed Christmas dinner. Your chandelier is beautiful, love the ethereal look of it. Also love the photo of your little boy playing with his stuffed animals, or "friends" as we call them in our house. Because, of course, they are real to our kids! One of my favorite stories from my childhood is that my mom told my little brother, "How can you sleep in this bed with all of these stuffed toys? There's no room left for you!" and my brother replied "Toys?! They're not TOYS! These are my FRIENDS!" So, of course, when I had my own kids, we always call the stuffed animals "friends". Hope you and your guests enjoyed the party. Merry Christmas, Catherine

  8. So welcoming and beautiful!!! What a wonderful delight for your special they must have felt. I think your seating areas are cozy and intimate, perfect for an evening of fine food and great friends...

  9. Beautifully decorated home. I love all the attention to detail and every little homey touch.

  10. Everything is absolutely beautiful! I love the music sheet place mats and the candles! What a wonderful party you must have had!

  11. Everything is have so many lovely and great ideas. Loved the sheet music and how
    you used it, very clever. all your tables were beautifully done, and love your lil boy with the tail less coon
    skin are such a bright spot and so relaxed............
    Bet your guests enjoyed themselves..........and good for you to do all that so they could........

    Blessings for a Merry Christmas Season,

  12. Now I have a
    Will you please tell me what that area is in the family room, behind your sectional with all the lil buckets??
    My curiosity has gotten the best of me!! lol
    It looks highly clever what ever it's function is..............


  13. Love the beauty of a farmhouse Christmas here.
    It's so wonderfully set and decorated.

    A Joyeux Noel


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