Friday, December 18, 2015

My Sister's Home at Christmas And A Special Gathering...

I hope you are enjoying the Christmas season!

I wanted to share my sister Jodi's home again with you today because it is so festive and filled with charm. She recently planked the walls in her living room, giving it a shiplap feel.  The "new walls" add so much character and a sense of age to her home.

Since I shared her home tour, Jodi has white washed the brick fire place and swapped out her curtains for lighter ones... the effect is a brighter, airier space!

Jodi is the most gracious, kind and fun host you will ever meet. She puts everyone at ease and manages to be relaxed herself while entertaining! 

There were eleven of us for a (full-on!) brunch. The food was delicious and Jodi's creative touches were everywhere...from gingerbread girls with frosting initials at our place, to peppermint wreaths - that doubled as party favors.

Along with Jodi, my mom  and me, some very dear friends joined us at this table...

Not every morning can be spent like this ;), but it is one I will never forget. The gracious, encouraging and inspiring ladies at that table, along with the beautiful setting, really reflected the joy and hope of Christmas. I was beyond blessed.

(And don't you just love the Magnolia Farms crate?! :)

With my sister...

So happy you stopped by today! 
Let the Christmas countdown continue...


A huge thank you to my sister for the fantastic day, and to my mom, Kathy, 
and my friend, Roz, for providing some of the pictures shared in this post!

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  1. Your sister had a beautiful home and everything for your brunch together looks fabulous. This is so special to not only be together with family but share your time in her beautiful decorated home. Merry Christmas.
    Enjoy this week as we head on down to the big day.

  2. All I can say is , WOW . It must be fun having a sister just as talented and beautiful as yourself !! Please thank Jodi for sharing the ambience and charm of her beautiful home . Also her wonderful creativeness!! Happy Holiday's to Jodi and you Julie !! Tammy ❤️

  3. Julie ! You are so Very! Blessed to have each other and a wonderful mom! I always wanted a sister! Your sisters home is beyond charming !! I would love to see her kitchen!!! Email me pics will ya! Hope all of you have a beautiful !loving Christmas with your fabulous families!!! I want to come! Ha!

  4. Oh , PS! LOVE the peppermint wreaths!!!?adorable! How did she make them?

  5. Oh my! One lovely place inside and out! Merry Christmas to all!

  6. Thanks for sharing her home with all of's beautiful! We are installing a lot of shiplap too.


  7. I just love the peppermint wreaths on the back of the white chairs!

  8. The table setting is gorgeous!


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