Friday, December 21, 2018

A DIY Windowsill Herb Garden (For Christmas Gift or January Project...)

Don't panic. There's still time! 

Are you in search of a special gift you can make from the comfort of your own home? 
(Or perhaps you want to tuck this one away for January - that's okay too!)

A windowsill herb garden is a thoughtful gift that will bring a touch of nature and life inside, and will last after the Christmas tree and decorations come down. Fresh herbs make cooking healthy foods more flavorful...Perfect for the new year, after holiday meals and cookies have been enjoyed! ;)

Here's what you need for the Windowsill Herb Garden (affiliate links provided):

- A variety of herbs
- Potting soil
- Gravel
- Twine
- Gift tag
Herb markers (optional)

*Using vintage canisters (I used vintage copper canisters) will make the garden unique, though simple silver soup cans would work just fine too!

Planting your herbs:

1. Poke holes in the bottom of your cans for drainage (make sure to use a drip plate during and after watering).
2. Fill the bottom quarter of the can with gravel.
3. Add potting soil and herbs, leaving about 2" from the top for room to water.
4. Using twine, tie a printed or hand written gift tag around the cans.

Here's what you need to make your own Vintage Silverware Markers (or you can purchase them here!):

  - Mallet
  - Hammer
  - Ultra fine point sharpie marker (black)

Making your silverware markers:

1. Wash your vintage silverware (just because).
2. Preferably on a concrete surface (I used our garage floor), hold down the spoon handle with one hand (gloves recommended), and pound the spoon flat, using your mallet. If you don't have a concrete surface available, you can also place the spoon in between two flat pieces of wood and strike the mallet on the top piece of wood. Remove the top piece of wood and continue flattening. (While a hammer can be used, it may scratch the spoon.)
3. For the herb names, hammer the letter stamps one at a time, beginning with the middle letter (to help with spacing). If you are able, have a "practice" spoon to get the feel for the steel stamping process.
4. Using a thin, black sharpie, fill in the stamped letters. Wipe any excess marker off with rubbing alcohol.
5. Press the handle of the spoon into the soil near the respective herb.

As you can see, my lettering is not perfect. Then again, they didn't come off an assembly line. So perfectionists out there, let's chalk it up to handmade charm.

If you feel inspired to sing while you work, changing the lyrics from "Silver Bells" to "Silverware" - there is no judgment here...


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