Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Farm Fresh Vegetables & Summer Recipes

These are the "glory days" of our humble little garden.
Each day it's changing. Some vines are becoming weighed down by burgeoning squash, while other vines - yielding long green beans - race upwards on our new teepee trellis.

I'm happy to report that although this is our second summer here, our boys still find joy in discovering the vegetables and bringing in the harvest.

The sense of wonder isn't quite as earth-shattering for them as it was last year (as first time "farmers")... But, I think I am making up for the difference. Maybe my excitement is because I'm learning just a little bit more each year. Maybe it's because we've planted a few new types of vegetables. Maybe it's an independent spirit emerging, you know, "living off the land." 

Or, maybe it's because I need to get out more these days. ;)

Whatever the case, I wanted to share a few recipes that we are enjoying, specifically as it relates to our bumper crops of green beans and zucchini... 

Baked Parmesan Zucchini is a total YUM. 

It's a healthier version of zucchini sticks with no deep frying involved. (You bake it first and then broil for a few minutes for that crispy finish.) You can find the recipe here.

Another great seasonal recipe is One Pan Greek Chicken. 

They had me at "one pan." You too? 

The recipes calls for chicken thighs, but I used chicken breasts, halved. The recipe also calls for baby red potatoes... we had baby yukon gold and they worked well too. Perhaps most importantly, this dish makes a delightful home for our garden's green beans! Find the recipe for this flavorful meal here.

And of course, due to our boys' requests, there's sure to be plenty of Zucchini Bread this season. Their favorite is made from this recipe

The other excitement going down in our garden is... the corn is coming!

The lavender is in bloom...

The snow peas are ready. 

Hello mushroom and snow pea stir fry. Oh, how I've missed you!

And I'll close with a confession. Last night, I came into the house and said, "Guess what guys?! We have little pumpkins in our garden!" Later I realized that these (below) are, in fact, acorn squash. (And our first acorn squash, at that.) 

Quien supo?! (Who knew?!)

Are you enjoying any fruits of your labor? 
Or perhaps fresh produce from a farmer's market? Tis the season!


  1. Abi likes to use my containers for her bathroom spot, so no, I didn't plant veggies. I wish I could, but that girl can really jump! It's so wonderful that your boys are seeing where food comes from. Lots of kids really have no idea. Seeing it happen and eating the bounty is a great experience for them!

    1. Ah, Abi! You could always get some of that wire border fencing to keep her out of your pots if you want to. ;) That is funny that she is a little jumper - - you never know, that could come in handy one of these days - - like the old movies where the dog jumps up to get the keys to get you out of a prison cell. Ha! What is that from?! I don't even know, but I know I've seen it! Yes, I love that our boys are experiencing fresh, home-grown veggies. I've found they're more willing to try them if they come from "their" garden!

  2. Your lavender is beautiful! That zucchini looks yummy. We've been grilling it this summer.

    1. Thank you! I'm sure your grilled zucchini is delish! I'm not sure why, but we haven't grilled much veggies except if they're on skewers... I need to try more.

  3. Looks like your garden is a success this year! I haven't planted some of the things that you have. I think the one pan chicken looks good! I wish we had room for corn because it is one of my favorites.

  4. Don't you love going out to your own garden and picking your dinner?

  5. We aren't fortunate enough right now to have a garden where we live, but oh how I miss it! We do have a nearby Farmer's Market, so I've been enjoying the fruits of their labor. :) Your Baked Parmesan Zucchini looks great! Yvonne at Stone Gable posted a great recipe for Zucchini Boats this week - I'm anxious to try both recipes! Seems everyone must have an abundance of zucchini this year......even the Farmer's Market!

    1. Well, I'm glad you are enjoying fresh produce and also supporting local farmers! Enjoy! So glad you stopped by...


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