Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Easiest and Fastest DIY Pom Pom Wreath! {Farmhouse Christmas Decor}

A few years ago, I made a pom pom wreath, using the hand-made pom poms that you create by wrapping yarn round and round, cutting the loops, and trimming. It was beautiful! But it also took quite some time to make.

So this year, I thought I'd share a pom pom wreath that is quick, easy, and affordable to make...

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Supplies you will need:

Glue gun and glue sticks
Ribbon or scraps of material for hanging (I used left over scraps of grain sack)

*I used a 14" size embroidery hoop, which left me with only one extra of the large pom poms. If you use a larger hoop, you will need a longer garland, or two garlands.

Start by cutting one end of the garland cord, and sliding off pom poms. If you're using the same garland I did, set the smallest pom poms aside (you won't be using them for the wreath). To the right of the embroidery hoop clasp, hot glue the first pom pom on the flat surface of the hoop.

Continue gluing pom poms to the hoop, and if you are using the same garland I did, or if your garland has different types of pom poms, alternate styles of pom poms as you go. (See above). When you work your way around to the top, do not glue a pom pom over the clasp. Instead, this is where you will tie your ribbon for hanging...

If you'd like to add a vintage-inspired flashcard (or two) to your wreath, use a small string or twine to tie it (or them) around your ribbon. I wanted my flashcards to stay in place so that they read, "merry farmhouse" so I actually put a little dot of hot glue between them and using my hole punch, created a hole through both for hanging.

I would estimate this wreath will take you about 30 minutes to complete. Not bad!

Thank you for stopping by today.

Merry DIY'ing!



  1. Soooooo adorable. Love this so much.

  2. Really adds a feel of winter coming. The pom-pom's remind me of snowballs.


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