Monday, April 21, 2014

Christmas in Spring (with a little Labor Day thrown in)!

Since this is our first year here, every season is exciting. It almost feels like Christmas in Spring… something new seems to pop up every day! We are so grateful that the previous owners invested so much into the planning of the land and garden areas. I'm wondering if by moving out to the country my thumbs will automatically turn green (here's to hoping!)?! 

The boys are out of school this week for Spring Break and have just enjoyed a post-breakfast piece of chocolate bunny. After such a busy weekend, our house looks like someone shook it upside down... so I thought I'd show you some outdoor pictures!

I don't know the scientific name for this climbing plant… I call it the "Gigantic Jasmine." I wish I could bottle the scent!

Cherry Blossom trees along the gravel driveway.

Red Rhododendron add a splash of color!

Two buckets of rhubarb were a surprise! I see some pies in our future…

And plants and flowers aren't the only things popping up. A mole (or perhaps a family of moles, the size of the Duggars) is having such a fun time in our backyard. While watching these mounds of dirt grow, I'm also keeping a suspicious eye on the amazing speed at which the grass is growing in the pasture… Will we be completely overtaken before we can get our ride-on mower fixed? 

We're reminded of a friend's words to us before we moved here… "It will be a labor of love to keep this place up." Oh how we love it! And oh baby, you weren't kidding about the labor! I will choose to believe as Myquillyn, at, says, "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful!" 

What a relief.


  1. It's so beautiful, Julie! I can almost smell the jasmine from here :)


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