Thursday, April 24, 2014

In Search of Charlotte's Web...

Do you remember reading Charlotte's Web? Have you seen the re-make movie with Dakota Fanning? It's a well-loved movie at our house.

The other day, one of my sons ran over to me in the barn smiling and wide-eyed. He joined me as we fed Charlie and said, "Mom! I felt like I was on that movie Charlotte's Web, running in the rain from the house to the barn!" My heart skipped a beat as I saw the magic in his eyes and remembered that part of the movie with him.

What is it about that farm setting that calls to me… calls to many of us? I think it portrays the warmth and security of family. Charlotte's Web was set in the 1950s so it's a throwback for us of perhaps a more wholesome and simpler time. And although its setting  is a real working farm, there is also an element of fantasy as the animals can talk and express their feelings. The warmth of a family farm coupled with childhood imagination… sounds like a sweet haven to our sometimes chaotic world.

Our little farmstead may be a far cry from a "working" farm, but we hope to create a warm backdrop for family memories. One of our dreams in moving here was to allow our boys the experience of caring for some animals. We currently have a yellow lab, seven baby chicks and a new Holland lop-ear bunny… and a view of horses (that counts, right?). 

The beautiful neighboring horses... so nice to see each day and so simple (for us) to care for (wink).

Our boy, Charlie at five months… gonna be a big boy!

The silkie chicks, with feathers on their feet.

Our newest addition - a surprise Easter bunny!

Poor thing is confused. Each of our boys have named him something different.We've reached a stalemate. So, for now he's "Oscar Bullseye Cookies n' Cream." (Catchy, huh?) Parents, name your pets before giving them to your kids. 

Learn from us!

And finally, our cat, Mae Mobley, who went missing two weeks ago. We still hope she will greet us at the door again one day soon… 

As you can see, we are enjoying these animals. But we are also realizing that animals require a lot of extra time and attention... and it's not quite so easy to get out of town. (Just keepin' it real!) 

What about you? Are you an "animal person?" Or do you prefer the freedom of life without pets? 

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