Friday, July 11, 2014

A Farmhouse Bathroom Mini Makeover...

I wanted to freshen up the boys' upstairs bathroom.

My budget: just a little

Time to spend on this project: also just a little

First, I took down a floral wallpaper border (I wish I had taken before pictures - sorry!). This made the ceiling feel much higher! I've taken down quite a bit of wallpaper (our last house had A LOT!). 

(The method that works best for me is simply to rub a warm, wet (water only) wash cloth or towel on the wallpaper. Once the paper is wet through to the glue backing - but not dripping - it is very easy to peel off.)

Next, we replaced the outdated glass and brass light fixture above the sink with this barn light from Lowes. 

I love the simple look of it. 

The only negative is that it doesn't provide as much light as the previous fixture. Fortunately, there is another light (recessed) above the bath. Combined, there is adequate light in the room (I may also add a little lamp on the counter for additional lighting options : ).

Next, we took down the silver and brass towel rack and replaced it with a cute white one from World Market.

I had a photo that I had taken of a red barn near our house enlarged and hung it, framed, above the towel rack.

Maybe someday we'll do a more major remodel of this bathroom. But for now, it's clean (we have company ;-) and a comfortable place for the boys.


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