Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Snow Day!

Hi Friends ~ Thanks so much for stopping by! We are on our third day of official no-school snow days here in the Seattle area. I think it's the longest stretch we've had since our kids have been school age! We got about ten inches of snow - not exactly the polar vortex of the east, but that is a ton for our area. 

Since we don't usually get more than a few days of snow each year here in Western Washington, it's a pretty special event. Children sleep with their pajamas inside out, hide spoons under their pillows, hope and pray for these snow days...

Our little chicken coop covered in snow... Our second snow day was beautiful when the sun came out. Love that bright blue sky against a snow-covered scenery!

After feeding the chickens one morning, I noticed this sweet hen trying to get her nerve up to come out into the snow. She kept sticking her head out, looking, and then going back inside. It reminded me of how I often feel before jumping into a pool or lake!

I took the picture above from our bedroom window as the sun was coming up.

The prettiest our barn ever looks, covered in snow.

This has been our Babydoll Southdown sheep's first snow! 

Our boys are wearing their wool hats we had made out of wool from the sheep... more on that later! (It was a labor of love by many...)

That's a lot of snow!

Hope you're enjoying the winter while we all wait for spring, ha!



  1. Wow! Snow sure does make everything look beautiful! Love all your pictures! Stay warm, Elizabeth


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