Friday, May 20, 2016

A Country Home Tour {TheFarmhouse31}

Oh Friends. Get ready for a serious dose of farmhouse inspiration! 

I met Resa Bartlett through Instagram. Her feed is stunning. I asked her if she would be willing to give us a tour. Thankfully, she said yes!

I hope you enjoy learning about Resa, and her family's charming, 
117-year-old farmhouse...

Please tell us who makes this beautiful farmhouse a home?

Our home is a home only because of our family! It is my husband Chris and myself, and we have been BLESSED with 4 beautiful daughters: Lindly 26 (married to Brett), Tory 24 (married to Chase and has our precious grandbabies, Madyx and Paxtyn), Haley 20 (married to Isaac) and Riley is 13, so we have a few more years left with her here at home. Also, we have to include our fur babies, The Moose (a Landseer Newfoundland), Baxter (a Maltese), and Winston Churchill (a Malshi). 

What drew you to this house?

Our home is 117 years old. Just for the pureness of it being a true old farmhouse is why we LOVE living here! 

In what area of the country are you located and what do you love about where you live? 

We are located in the state of Indiana. (Yes, I'm just an "Indiana Girl" - Tom Petty song, lol). We live way out in the "boonies" as we like to say. We live on an ol' country road, not a street. If you like lots and lots of old farms and nothing but farm ground around you, then that's where you'll find us! Both my husband and I were born and raised on working farms. That is where we have stayed and chose to raise our family. This is where are hearts are at! 

(This island. Lord have mercy and please help me not to covet. 
Back to the interview... :)

What is one home project that you have done that has made the biggest change, or that you are most proud of?

We took down the wall that divided our kitchen and family room, and I do mean "we." It was something I had wanted to do for so long! After begging, for what I'm sure seemed like an eternity to my husband, he finally agreed. I think he's actually pretty proud of himself and happy with our decision! I wanted it to not only be a bigger space, but I knew it would brighten things up... Adding light from all the windows in the family room and being able to see and hear everything going on without the barrier of a wall really does change everything! Our kitchen is the heart of our home. It is where you will find the whole family (all 11 of us) when gathered together with each of our girls sitting up on the countertops like they've always done since they were little girls! 

You have so many beautiful and authentic farmhouse pieces that you use in your decor. Where do you find them?

Most all of our authentic farmhouse pieces are handed down from either my grandparents or my husband's great grandparents and grandparents! We have very few new items in our home. A lot of things have literally been drug out of our barns and basements, left behind by previous generations. My husband's family farm has been in his family for five generations now, actually six if you count the grandbabies. 

What do you enjoy most about your home?

The fact that this is where we all come together. Whether it be for a special occasion or no occasion, we just LOVE being together! We enjoy having cookouts, holidays, birthdays, and even weddings. And yes, we still celebrate each one of our girl's birthdays with a party, even the older ones that are no longer living at home. 

What do you most enjoy doing together as a family at home?

Just being together! That, above all else, is what we enjoy as a family. We are so close to our girls, and they are very close to each other, and that makes this Momma's heart happy! 

Not only is the inside of your home so lovely, but the grounds are just amazing! Have you hosted any gatherings at your farmhouse, or is there any special occasion you dream of hosting in the future? 

We've actually had two of our girl's weddings here at the farmhouse, Lindly's and Haley's. It was great fun, stressful, but fun - and they turned out to be beautiful weddings! It was very sentimental and it meant a lot to all of us to have the weddings here. Haley even wore my wedding dress, which was so meaningful and precious! We also are told by our youngest, Riley, that she too will be getting married here. So someday we will do this at least one more time. 

Did I already mention that I stalk really enjoy your Instagram feed? What have you enjoyed most about the IG community?

I just started my IG account this past March. I wanted to be part of a community that shared in some of the same passions that I have. There are so many BEAUTIFUL feeds on IG, I could get lost forever in a day looking at them. I have been inspired by so many and have met such sweet, wonderful girls there. It truly is like having another family! 

I loved learning more about Resa's close-knit family and how they still have birthday parties for their adult daughters. From cookouts to weddings, to dragging antique farmhouse wares out of barns, this is true country living.

Thank you, Resa, for sharing your farmhouse with us today!

If you'd like to see more pictures, please head over to TheFarmhouse31.

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  1. Oh, Julie! That Farmhouse Tour took my breath away. What a beautiful home on beautiful acreage. I enjoyed every room -- the floors, the antiques, the kitchen island (wow!), and most of all, the welcoming atmosphere. I want to sit with Resa on her front porch with a tall glass of sweet tea . . .Thanks for sharing her inspiring style!

    1. So glad you enjoyed it! I'll join you on the porch and we can figure out how we're going to get that kitchen island out of there. :0)

  2. Julie this farmhouse is so awesome. What a cozy and peaceful place to call home. I was swooning over each picture. Ohhhhh that island is killer! Have a great week end.
    Thanks for sharing Resa with all of us.

    1. Hi Kris ~ It was my pleasure... I really couldn't wait to hit the "publish" button on this post. I was like a kid at Christmas. It really is such a charming farmhouse! Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. Hope you are settling into your new place well!


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