Monday, February 9, 2015

Fun Kids Valentines!

Our house is taking on a "crazy lady's workshop" vibe. 

You know those times when you're prepping for a special occasion and it just doesn't make sense to pack-up things when you're going to work on them again tomorrow? 

That's where we're at with valentines, valentine boxes and an upcoming birthday party. Thus continues the love/hate relationship with Pinterest. (99% love)

So, bless you for being here and letting me share some cuteness from the mess...You're the best kind of therapy! ;) 

Lincoln is excited to pass out these Super Hero valentines to his Pre-K buddies!

Thank you to Little Bit Funky for sharing this adorable DIY and Less Ordinary Designs for the great (free!) printables.

Next up, Minecraft valentines were a no-brainer for our virtual miner, Noah! 

I found these cool valentines and creeper candy wrappers on Over The Big Moon. They even have pink versions for girl gamers (anyone?). And again, they are free!

Hudson went with some fun Seahawks football valentines for his friends. Taped to the backs are packs of skittles - Marshawn Lynch style.

I purchased these downloadable printables on Etsy.

It's hard to believe it's this guy's last year to do the Valentine's Day thing at school! 

I think he's okay with that. :)  

Passing out valentines is such a sweet childhood tradition. 
(And perhaps a bit more work than in our mother's day!

Any projects threatening to take over your house? 
Stay calm and craft on. People are counting on you.

Thank you, kindred spirits, for being here.


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  1. The little super heroes in my life would love theses! Not familiar with crept. Grannies are quite up to some things like parents are. lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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